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Jane Eyre

The secrets of the house
Are just beyond these walls
They hide in long-forgotten shadows
In everyone's life
There is darkness and light
There is a blindness
There is sight
Men and women die
Christians lose their faith
Scholars falter in their wisdom
In one woman's life
There's an end, there's a start
For the secrets of the house
Are like the secrets of the heart
My name is Jane Eyre.
My story begins gentle audience, a long time ago
Jane's Father
In the home of a poor clergyman...
Jane's Mother
And his wife...
My parents
There is my father, as I now imagine him...
And there is my mother...
And there I am...
Jane Eyre
A baby in my father's arms.
He looked in my eyes
With the light growing dim
And his own eyes appeared
Looking straight up at him
Those same dark eyes
That I look through now
Within a year of their marriage, and a bare few weeks of my birth, my father caught the typhus fever while visiting among the poor.
Jane's Mother
There is a fever on your brow
And I fear the worst has come
You will soon be taken
And leave us here, forsaken
A thousand dreams are washed away
By an evil we can't see
That soon will swallow me
Who will take our child to raise
When we are gone
And she can't remember us?
Jane, be strong
For we'll be watching you from heaven
Jane's Father What kind of woman will she be? The world is dark and cold Will she have our faith? Will she put her trust in her God? When we are blind to the earth she walks upon Will life be kind When we are not here to protect her?
Jane's Mother I pray that she'll be strong And find her way along So we must put our trust in God Now and forever more We'll be watching from heaven Jane, be strong
Who will provide for her?
Who will decide for her?
Who'll see the good in this child?
What can be done for her?
Life has just begun for her
Who'll see the good in this child?

Let Me Be Brave
I'm locked inside this haunted room
With nowhere to escape my fear
Must I suffer for another's crime?
When will they let me out of here?
I'll never hear the skylarks sing
I'll never see the linnets fly
If other children can be loved
Oh God above, then why can't I?
Is there no one to kiss good night?
I long to feel a warm embrace
My rag doll is my only friend
An orphan with a dirty face
She cries when she is locked away
For she is poor and plain, like me
But there is beauty in her heart
That nobody will ever see
Oh Mother, Father where are you?
Please tell me why you had to die
I want to be an angel, too
I pray that you will take me to heaven
Cry on my grave
Pray for the childhood
No soul could save
But if I'm to stay on this earth
God, let me brave
Let me be brave
Let me be brave

Naughty Girl
Mr. Brocklehurst
There's no sight so sad
No stench so bad
As that of a naughty girl
Mrs. Reed
No crime so grave
As children who misbehave
Mr. Brocklehurst
We promise to save every naughty girl...Do you know where liars go after death?
Young Jane
They go to hell.
Mr. Brocklehurst
And what is hell?
Young Jane
A pit full of fire.
Mr. Brocklehurst
And should you like to be falling into that pit and to be swimming there forever?
Young Jane
No, sir.
Mr. Brocklehurst
And what must we do to avoid it?
Young Jane
I must keep in good health and not die.
Mr. Brocklehurst
Children younger than you die daily!
I just buried a child
Whose soul will rest in heaven's care
I should say it's shameful
Your soul won't be welcome there
She'll be watched
I swear
We'll take good care
Of this little, naughty girl
Mrs. Reed Keep her 'til You've shattered her stubborn will For I've done the best I could More than another woman would
Mr. Brocklehurst And we'll cleanse her so clean You'll think she's St. Augustine God hears her plea But He leaves her soul to me

Children of God
Miss Scatcherd
Form classes! Silence! Order!
We are the children of God
And we praise His name
We are blind to His love
In His love we will trust
For we are taught that we must
Miss Scatcherd
Girls, go straight to your class
And do as your told
Keep your tongues in your mouths
Or I'll do more than scold
Oh, the water is frozen, we cannot bathe
Oh, pray now to Jesus our souls to save
Our sins delivering
As we praise Him, shivering
Miss Temple
I have a word to address to the students,
We have a girl who is new to our school,
Please make he welcome here,
Her name is Jane Eyre.
Young Jane
Who is that woman and
What does she do here?
That is Miss Temple
Our teacher, my friend
Young Jane
Does this house belong to her?
I wish it did.
She has to answer to Mr. Brockelhurst.
Young Jane
Miss Temple is the best is she not?
She knows more than the rest of the lot
Miss Scatcherd
Burns, you are standing uneven
And your fingernails are filthy
Miss Temple
But, no one could wash for
The water was frozen
Miss Scatcherd
Go and get the strap!
Miss Temple
It wasn't her fault
The water was frozen
I appeal to you, sir
Helen is weak
She shouldn't be punished
Mr. Brocklehurst
Disciplines are born
To be humble and suffer
Punish the flesh
To chasten the spirit
Purity comes from the pain of correction
We are the children of God
And we praise His word
We are blind to His love
In His love we must trust
For we are taught that we must
Miss Scatcherd
Wicked child!
Let that teach you!
Let that teach you!
Wicked child
Horrid, wretched child
God despises you!
Mr. Brocklehurst
The torment of martyrs
Is holy and Christian
Pamper the body
You'll never depurate the soul
We are the children of God
But we find it quite queer
If we're really His children
Why isn't He hear?
Isn't it clear?
We're charity children
No mother or father
Just heavenly care
If God has so much
Why won't He share?

Young Jane
What is your name?
Young Jane
You must wish to leave here.
No, why should I? I was sent to Lowood to get an education.
Young Jane
But that teacher is so cruel to you!
I have to be awakened
Young Jane
I would think you should dislike her.
I have to be taught
Young Jane
If you have faults, what are they?
I'm careless and forgetful.
Young Jane
To me, you seem very good.
She sees things you do not.
Young Jane
If she had struck me with that strap, I would get it from her hand...
I do not hold a grudge.
Young Jane
But she is cross and cruel.
Then I must learn to endure.
Young Jane
I could not bear it.
And as God is my judge
Young Jane
I think it is disgraceful!
At least my heart will be pure Forgiveness
Is the mightiest sword
Forgiveness of those you fear
Is the highest reward
When they bruise you with words
When they make you feel small
When it's hardest to take
You must do nothing at all
Young Jane
If we were always kind
To the evil and unjust
Kindness would be our curse
We should strike back at them
Helen, I'm sure we must
Jane and Young Jane
Lest they grow worse and worse
You forget Jesus Christ
Young Jane
I must resist the unjust
What He taught is still true
Young Jane
And love those who love me
You must forgive those who hate
I could never forgive Mrs. Reed!
And bless them that curse you
I could never bless her son, John!
Is the mightiest sword
Forgivness of those you fear
Is the highest reward
Bless the criminal
You will learn it in time

My Maker
Helen Burns
I see my Maker
And my mind's at rest
There will be no pain to feel
Only joy within my breast
I see His goodness
Soon I'll be exalted
And My should will be set free
Once I had faith like your's
Doubting heaven was really such a place
But soon, I will walk its shores
And I will see His face
Just as clearly as I see your's
I see my Maker
Peace has come so fast
I will be restored to Him
Freedom comes at last
Young Jane
I'll stay with you, dear Helen. No one shall take me away.
Are you warm, darling?
Young Jane
Goodnight, Jane.
Young Jane
Goodnight, Helen.
Miss Temple found me the next morning, laid in Helen's little crib, my face against Helen's shoulder, my arm round her neck. I was asleep, and Helen was dead.
I see my Maker
Peace has come so fast
You will be restored to Him
Peace has come at last

Perfectly Nice
Mrs. Fairfax
It'll be perfectly nice
Having someone with whom to converse
The servants are fine
But a little perverse
And if I'm a tiny bit terse
It's only because I just fired the chef
Are you talking to me?
I'm a little bit deaf
The weather's been rainy and gray
Oh, did I tell you I've nothing to say?
Have a nice cup of tea
Don't you mind about me
There was a time when winter was here
No one came by
No one came near
I was alone, nearly a year
And not a creature would come to the house
The vicar came once but he didn't stay long
Or did he come twice?
Maybe I'm wrong
Then, as the days went along
Like it or not, I was not as depressed
And soon after that
We were finally blessed
With little Adele, darling, come here
This is Miss Eyre
Your governess, dear.
Bonjour, Miss Eyre.
Bonjour, Adele.
Oh, vous parlez francais
She is French, then?
Yes, I am French, but you would learn me to spoke English?
To speak English
Mrs. Fairfax
Run along now, Adele.
Au'voir mam'selle.
Au'voir, Adele...
What a sweet little girl
Mrs. Fairfax
What a story to tell!
Her mother is gone
Gone to the Lord
And Mr. Rochester took her in as his ward
Mr. Rochester? Who is he?
Mrs. Fairfax
The owner of Thornfield! Did you not know he was called Rochester?
I thought Thornfield belonged to you!
Mrs. Fairfax
Bless you, child, what an idea!
I'm in charge of the hall
When he's away I look after it all
And he's away most of the time
What sort of man is he like?
Mrs. Fairfax
The kind of man who is never about.
Where does he go?
Mrs. Fairfax
I wouldn't know...
One of a kind
Smart as a sage
And like good wine
Gets better with age
Modest and fair
Yet one wouldn't dare
Behave in a manner unfitting one's class
One has a place
That one mustn't surpass
This is our lot
Like it or not...
I think I've forgotten my thought
What was it? Ah! No, that wasn't it at all
Did i have a point?
I can never recall
But you'll settle in
Read a few books
You've got the brains, if not quite the looks
You'll soon adjust
Everyone must
Heed my advice
Let's be precise
Listen to me, I will not tell you twice
You will be in good grace if you face
That a girl in your place
Will suffice, if she's perfectly nice!

As Good As You
Love is like a virus we're infected with
You're so naive
Wouldn't it be wonderful
If life was just as you perceive?
Women are inhuman, worthless
Hard and savage
On the average
Never to be trusted
Completely maladjusted, it's true
And if I'd not loved a few
I might ahave been as good as you
She was my flame, my gallic slyph
I was her fool's delight
She put me in her spell and turned my
Rage to trust in just one night
With appetites for pleasure
We would search for buried treasure
In the excess of temptation
I thought it my salvation, it's true
And if I had thought things through
I might have been as good as you
She found me handsome
My opera dancer
And like a fool I believed it was true
I held the world inside my hands, a man
Full in his prime
When she left me for another
Pierced my heart a second time
"Nothing lasts forever," she said
"Find the door yourself, dear, won't you?
Think me still your flower
I've treasured every hour, it's true
And if I had loved you, too
I might have been as good as you."
I came upong her some time later
The years had not been very kind
She has this child, Adele
Said she was mine, as well
"Nothing lasts forever, Edward
Take good care and, oh yes
Won't you take our lovely daughter?
For you see, dear, I don't want her
But I'm still your flower
I'll just bloom elsewhere
Tell her my soul is in heaven, with God"
Miss Eyre, I tell you this
Because I want you to know
That I, with some luck
Without shame, without blame
Or the curse of my name
Might have been as good as you

Perfect Catch
What a perfect match!
What a catch!
Who today would be worthy of the love
That only they are worthy of?
What a perfect pair!
I declare, what romance!
He conveys her through the hall
As her eyes appraise it all
Beauty meets wealth
It's a perfect combination
Money wins love
With equal compensation
Two adoring doves
Such a lovely inspiration of love
Blanche Ingram
We are the perfect pair
And I declare, it's only fair
That all of this will soon be mine
All mine!
It's too divine!
Let's celebrate the propagation
Of the line
I will explain how
With but one vow
Now you must allow
That all your worldy goods
To me you will endow
Marriage is glorious!
Long live marriage!
Families untied
Long live marriage
What a perfect pair!
I declare, what romance!
He conveys her through the hall
As her eyes appraise it all
Beauty meets wealth
It's a perfect combination
Money wins love
With equal compensation
Two adoring doves
Such a lovely inspiration of love
Ensemble Hosanna! Hosanna! Marriage is glorious Hosanna!
Blanche Ingram I will explain how With but one vow Now you must allow That all your worldy goods To me you will endow Ah!

Painting Her Portrait
What a fool I have been to wonder
If he might have a care for me
How insane the thought that you
Could be to him dear in any way
That a more absurd young girl has lived
I doubt that you could say!
You, a favorite of Mr. Rochester?
Gifted with the power?
Your logic's fading by the hour
And to no avail, Jane!
Poor, blind puppy!
Had to go on dreaming
Had to try to give your life some meaning
Still you fail, Jane!
How dare you think that there's a place
In his heart for you?
I'm painting my portrait
An absolute likeness
Faithful to illustrate
Every fine line
I'm mastering detail
Highlighting defects
Making a permanent mirror to see
All of the faults that lie hidden in me
I'm painting my portrait
It's plain and uneven
Reminding me of what I am
What I must be
I'm leaving out nothing
No matter how painful
All of my flaws on display to be seen
Now my painting is done
I'll start another
This one of her
And when I close my eyes
I clearly see her face
Capture her grace and poise
Fight back the tears and I'm
Painting her portrait
An absolute likeness
The loveliest face
The most delicate skin
A tribute to beauty
The perfect Miss Ingram
Omit neither diamond ring
Nor golden rose
Make her a lady of rank
Glistening satin
Oh, how she glows
Mix in your finest tints
Paint her dramatically
With all your sweetest hues
Sit here fanatically...
Painting our portraits
This one will live
All of her life as a governess
Just a lonely governess
This one will always be happy
And marry a man who will carry her away
And should you fancy
That he really loves you
Just compare the pictures
Two completely different mixtures
You should be ashamed, Jane
Why would he settle for a slave
When he could have a queen?
Jane, it's foreseen, Jane!
Don't even dare any more
To compare
Say a prayer
For your sorry soul

Secret Soul
What can I do now, my precious Lord?
His dark love would be my best reward
I know I should not dare to go
Deeper in his madness
But it's like a field I must run through
No one's word will make me love him less
The secret voice that speaks to me
Tells me he's in danger
Looking to the dust for tenderness
Deep in my secret soul
I stand alone
The purpose of why I'm here
Is still unknown
In the darkness of his day
He's nearly blind
But I keep looking for his goodness
Afraid of what I'll find
My heart moves through his unquiet sea
I pray a wave will come and carry me
Closer to his troubled tide
Waters of his fury
But how can I swim this great divide?
Deep in my secret soul
I cry his tears
My secret soul cries out loud
I weather his angry voice
I feel his fears
Rochester and Jane
Her/My life has infected every wound
And every pore
I feel her/his mystery possess me
And I pray that mercy's hand will bless me
Deep in his secret soul
Deep in my secret soul
His heart is cursed
My heart is cursed...
I summon my deepest will
To still his thirst
And I pray that God
Gives the strength to go
Deep within his/my secret soul

Dream of a Child
Sympathies exist
Presentiments and signs
That baffle our
Mortal comprehension
To dream of to see
What seems not to be there
But such things exist
Things beyond this earth
Things beyond our sacred
Thoughts of heaven
These things are the things
That reason defies
But reason sometimes lies
I had a dream of a child
Hushed in my arms like a sparrow it slept
And in this dream of a child
Sometimes it ran from me, sometimes it wept
We sat on a gabled roof
I held this unknown child
The walls came crashing down around me
I watched her plunge into darkness...
I had a dream of a place
I stand in the ash of
A house torn apart
And in this dream there's a face
A man without vision who sees with his heart
I see the man ride off
He won't return for years
And as he rides, my feelings swim
The child screams, the light grows dim
God save the life of this child
Don't let her lose him

The Gypsy
I see a flame in the palm of your hand
Oh sister
You're peevish and puny and spoiled and bland
Oh sister
You have no principles
You have no taste
Your education was truely a waste
Don't be upset, girls, this has to be faced
Sweet sisters
I see a man in your future, my girl
Dear lady
A penniless snake you mistake for an earl
Dear lady
You marry the scoundrel, and soon after that
You bear him a child and then you get fat
Lucky for you he leaves both of you flat
Dear lady
I feel you trembling
Oh sister
Happiness calls, but cannot get in
Oh sister
There's someone you long for, but do not declare
You sit here alone in your darkest despair
Don't think that he is at all unaware
Dear sister
And who might he be, mother?
I'm getting tired of this masquerade
Oh sister
Do you forgive me for this odd charade
Oh sister?

Second Self
In the light of the virgin evening...
I'd been gone for a month or so
But how long am I now to stay?
Where am I to go?
It is not to my house I travel
I do not have a home at all
For the master is soon to marry
And he does not think of me
Or know my grief
I might even feel relief
If he would take his wedding vow
So he could discover
He does not really love her
And he could feel the heartbreak I do now
Jane, what a night!
Sweet summer air,
Have you grown attached to living here,
And that foolish child, Adele?
She is not so foolish
You've been treated kindly here?
I would not deny it.
Jane, what a shame
That you must move on.
Well, you said yourself
When I am wed
You will move away from here,
And I see it's wisdom.
Then it's true, sir,
You're to marry?
Yes, that's right. Precisely.
Are you glad, sir? Are you happy?
It will do quite nicely, Jane,
When you're gone.
I'll make arrangements...
I'll miss our walks.
...For my employment.
No, leave that to me,
I have a place
That I think will suit you, Jane,
The five daughters of Mrs. Dionysius O'Gall. They need a governess at Bitternut Lodge, in Connaught, Ireland.
Such a distance, why so far, sir?
Oh,does that perturb you?
It's a long way
Well, from what, Jane?
Why should that disturb you?
Jane, we've been friends...
It's getting late, sir.
...And we've grown close.
I must go in, sir.
Jane, is that a tear in your eye?
Yes, it is, and I cry because the pain
Because the grief
Is slowly turning to rage
I'm like a bird upon the brief
Who wishes she were never born into this cage
I know you think because I'm plain
That I feel nothing inside
If I were rich, if I were beautiful...
...then I should think I would make it as hard for you to leave me as it is for me to leave you. I love Thornfield and I grieve to leave it, for here I have talked, face to face, with what I reverence, what I delight in-with a vigourous and expanded mine- but I see the necissity of departure and it is like looking on the necessity of death.
Where do you see this necessity?
In the shape of your bride.
Jane, there is place for you
And Jane, it is here with me
To live in this house
To stand as my wife
What do you mean?
Jane, you are my second self
Jane, don't you see the truth
That you are the heart of my life?
And what of Blanche Ingram?
I caused a rumour that my wealth
Wasn't half of my first claim
And Blanche Ingram, bless her heart
Took the bait, and not my name
I would not...I could not marry Blance Ingram, because my equal is here, and my likeness.
Then why did you make me believe you loved her?
To make you jealous.
Jane, to make you as in love with me
As I am in love with you,
Be my wife.
Say my name!
Will you marry me, Jane Eyre?
You mean more to me than life
What's your answer?,br> Tell me now!
Do you consent to be my wife?
God forgive me, you are not getting away from me!
If I had a string under my ribs
Knotted to you, connecting our frames
I'd be afraid that many a mile
Would sever the tie
And I would take to bleeding inwardly
Are you my savior, are you my saint
Protecting my soul
With communion and light?
Stand as my equal, be my reward
Slay custom and code
With love as your sword
Childish, slender creature
My hope of heaven lies
Inside your eyes
I hear you cherished voice
Across the moorland skies
Your youth and spirit fly us up to heaven
Open my window, drink from my well
Shower my bliss with your apricot smell
Are you an eagle, coming to nest
Or a swift, on the wing, with no need to rest?
Childish, slender creature
My hope of heaven lies
Inside your precious eyes
The flower of your heart
It blooms and never dies
Will I not guard and cherish you
As long as I shall live?
Will I not sanction you
With all the love my heart can give?
And I wash my hands
Of every youthful crime
Defy them all
God will give me time
And you will lead me, blind
Yes, sir. I will marry you.
Childish slender creature
My hope of heaven lies
Inside your precious eyes
I hear you cherished voice
Across the moorland skies
Your youth and spirit fly us up to heaven
And the wind blew wild and free
Thunder crashed and lightening gleamed
The sky came down, or so it seemed
Then the great horse-chestnut tree
Was split in two by thunder's spear
But I felt safe, I had no fear
Jane and Rochester
I will never lose faith
I will never lose heart
For you have restored my trust
And I know you're afraid...
I'm as scared as you are...
But willing to be brave
Brave enough for love

Slip of a Girl
Mrs. Fairfax
I cannot believe it!
He means to marry her? A governess!
A slip of a girl
Who misplaces her grace
And disgraces he place
A slip of a girl
Who should settle for less
And confess a success
I'm outraged and appalled
Distressed and offended
Scandalized, mortified
Shocked and upended
Is it true, mam'selle?
Is what true, Adele?
Mrs. Fairfax
You're a slip of a girl
It is unlikely, I fear
He's in love with you, dear
Mrs. Fairfax!
Mrs. Fairfax
A slip of a girl!
Would you marry him when
You've no knowledge of men?
A slip of girl
I would beg you to purge
Your unvirginal urge
I'm fretted and anxious
Concerned and disturbed
Upset, apprehensive
Harassed and perturbed!
Oh, Jane, you must be careful...
I remember in my youth
I thought the same as you,
But men, my dear, will break your heart
While swearing to be true.
From Mr. Rochester
Oh, thank you.
Mrs. Fairfax
But these are the Rochester jewels!
To be worn by a governess?
I'm astonished, alarmed
Perplexed and dumbfounded
Bewildered, embarrassed
Amazed and astounded
I don't know why he sent them. I told him I would not wear them.
Mrs. Fairfax
Not wear them? And who are you to say you will not wear jewels given to you by Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester?
A slip of a girl
Whose form, I'll be sworn
A slip of a girl
Who'd be blessed, at the best
To be fetchingly dressed!
A slip of a girl
Who'll do as she's told
Or be wholly cajoled,
Laughable, impudent
Brazen, audacious
Saucy, impertinent
Bold and ungracious
Ooh, voila!
From the tailor at Milcote, Miss.
Yes, thank you.
Mrs. Fairfax
So this is the dress?
Do you like it?
Mrs. Fairfax
Like it? Well...
I remember, long ago
When I wore such a dress...
He died, poor man, and broke my heart
Still broken, I confess
Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that, Mrs. Fairfax...
Mrs. Fairfax
A slip of a girl
Inspidly built
Ill-equipped, to the hilt
Mrs. Fairfax...
Mrs. Fairfax
You're a slip of a girl
And I'll bet he'll not let
You be more than a pet
He's twenty years older
Aesthetics won't let it
Be more than a friendship
You'd better forget it
No, indeed, Mrs. Fairfax. Edward is young...
Mrs. Fairfax
He's young in his heart.
Mrs. Fairfax
He loves me, I'm sure.
Mrs. Fairfax
Oh, dear, I don't know...
I solemnly swear...
Mrs. Fairfax
Love is a great thing...
Our love will endure
Mrs. Fairfax
Well, then...
I'm thrilled, I'm enchanted
Enraptured, excited
Gratified, tickled...
I trust I'm invited?
I'm charmed, I'm disarmed!
Jane Eyre, I'm delighted!

Farewell, Good Angel
So farewell, good angel
Another day is done
I wrapped my life around you
And for a time, two fused as one
I was wrong when I decieved you
But there was no other way
Your character won't let you
Live the lie mine must obey!
And I don't mean to claim
THat honour has been served
But why must I have eyes
To see you're not there?
Why must I take one more breath?
Let lightening strike
That's not the worst
Now that you've shattered my soul
I die accursed!
It was not your frame I wanted
But the spirit underneath
Your virtue and your purity
Bite into me like teeth
And God should strike me down
If you are truely gone
But why must I have eyes
To see you're not there?
Why must I take one more breath?
Let lightning strike
That's not the worst
I'd rather burn in Hell
Damning my sould to dwell
Lost in my pain
Than to live here on earth
Without my Jane!

Morton/A Silence I Hear
St. John Rivers
In the light of the virgin evening
In the vale of a midnight blue
God has seen I'm at last rewarded
He has sent me to you
I have heard His divine commandment
I have sailed His celestial sea
In the harmony of the heaven
He's proclaimed to me
What He intends for our destiny
Jane, you're to be my wife
The helpmeet of my life
This is the Lord's decree
Jane, you should be a missionary wife
Jane, you could have a visionary life
The rock of ages is yours to lean on
Jane, we were formed
For labour, not love
Jane, show your faith
In your Saviour above
As now I claim you
Now I claim you
To be my wife
In name and heart
For God and Christ
Now and forever
For the rest of your life
Marriage? St. John, we are not formed for love, how can you talk to me of marriage? I am ready to go with you to India, but I must go free.
St. John
Do you think God will be happy with half an obligation?
Oh, I will give my heart to God. It is you who do not really want it.
St. John
Surely, enough love will follow after our marriage.
There's a love that cannot be explained
A flame so bright it cannot be contained
You and I will never share
Such rare delights together
Don't ask me how I know this to be true
St. John
Love is not the portrait
It's the frame
Love is not the truth
It's just the claim
What we should aspire to
Is far beyond mere passion
Let us kneel to feel God's guiding hand
Speak to my secret soul
I am oppresed
I scorn his idea of love
But praise his quest
If I forsake half myself
Will the whole of me be blessed
St. John
God give her strength
To know the way
And to see Your will be done
Like a soldier to fight
'Til the battle is won
Father, fill her with light
'Til the whole of her be blessed
I'll go with him as his wife
If it's the true will of God
Oh, God! What is it?
Edward? Edward, where are you? Edward?
Edward, where are you? Wait for me!
There is a silence I hear
There is a presence I feel
Almost at hand
So nearly real
There is a clear rising moon
One distant church bell has tolled
There is a frost on the moon...
But I don't feel the cold

Brave Enough for Love
Sir, I have come back to you...
Great god! What delusion is this?
Ready to stand here by your side,
As you see fit...
Is it Jane?
As your friend, or as your bride.
My living Jane!
Sir, you are my second self
And I will be your hands
I'll be your eyes
I am here
With my heart
I can't see, but I can feel...
How I've loved you, every day.
I've loved you stronger every day
How I've lived without your touch...
How I've managed to survive...
...Only God above can say.
Am I hideous, Jane?
Very, sir. You always were you know.
Ha, ha! I see the wickedness is still within you.
But sir, I am an independent woman now!
My uncle has died and left me a fortune!
Janet, a rich woman.
What now can I offer you?
I am no better
Than the old chestnut
Struck down by lightning
Its life cleft in two
For why should you marry
A blind man, a cripple
Tell me, Jane, what right do I have to you?
I prayed in the name of God
Don't let Jane suffer
Don't let her die
For three days, in my despair
I cried to heaven
Where is Jane Eyre?
Then, from my lips
Came a voice, came a name
I cried "Jane" from the depths
I called out
I cried "Jane"
And I don't know what happened
But I thought I heard you...
Did you speak these words out loud?
I did. If anyone was listening, they would have thought me mad...I called out with such frantic energy.
And this was last Monday evening, just after susnet?
Yes, but what followed is the strangest point. Where the voice came from, I cannot tell, but I know whose voice it was...And the voice replied...
Edward? Where are you? Wait for me!
Yes, yes...but how could you know that?
The secrets of your heart
Are like the secrets of the house
They have finally been revealed
There is no more to hide
I have looked death in the face
And though a part of me has died
I will never lose faith
I will never lose heart
For you have restored my trust
And I know you're afraid
I'm as scared as you are
But willing to be brave
Brave enough for love
And when I heard your voice
Beyond the sky
I knew it was a sign from God above
One I could not deny
So, gentle audience, I am now married to Mr. Rochester. No woman was ever nearer to her mate than I am, ever more absolutely bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.
The secret of the flame
Is that there is no more to hide
It cures our blindness
And our pride
And we'll never lose faith
We will never lose heart
For you have restored my trust
And I know you're afraid
I'm as scared as you are
But willing to be brave
Brave enough for love
Mr. Rochester continued blind the first two years of our marriage, then, slowly, the sight in one eye began to return to him. And when our firstborn was placed into his arms, he coul see that the boy had inherited his own eyes, as they once were-large, brilliant and black. On this occasion, we acknowledged with full hearts, that God had tempered judgement with mercy.
I will never lose faith
I will never lose heart
For you ahve restored my trust
And I know you're afraid
I'm as scared as you are...
But willing to be brave
Brave enough for love!
Rochester, Jane and Ensemble
I will never lose faith
I will never lose heart
For you have restored my trust
And I know you're afraid
I'm as scared as you are
But willing to be brave
Brave enough for love!
I will never lose faith
I will never lose heart
For you have restored my trust
And I know you're afraid
I'm as scared as you are
But willing to be brave
Brave enough for love
Brave enough for love!