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City of Angles

City Of Angels

Original Broadway Cast Recording

Music by Cy Coleman
Lyrics by David Zippel
Book by Larry Gelbart

1-Prologue-Theme from City Of Angels

I haven't made the transcription of what Stone says. Sorry!

2-Double Talk

This job is not to be believed
And I cannot believe my luck
I'm at the literary prime of my life
And I'm about to have the time of my life
Unless I'm easily deceived
Though Buddy doesn't tend to sugarcoat his comments
He'll all right
All bark, no bite

I've always longed for a chance to be watching
A book of my own on the screen
To look up and see Stone on the screen
Would be better than fine
Sit with my wife in a crowd
As the credits are shown on the screen
In a frame all alone on the screen
It says "Screenplay by Stine"

For making movies out of books
They say that Buddy wrote the book
I can depend on him to give me some lip
But you can trust a guy who shoots from the hip
Out here where nothing's how it looks
It's hard to disregard a candid stand-up guy
Who skips the double talk
And lets you know exactly what he's thinking about you

And I can beat the odds
And meet his demands
Though I'm a stranger in
This strangest of lands

This mad adventure I've begun
Is unlike anything I know
It's gonna be a lotta work
And lots of fun
And pots of dough

3-What You Don't Know About Women

What you don't know about women

What you don't know about women

Could fill a shelf of books

You are the type of man who looks
For understanding lovers

But never understands the girl
Who lies beneath the covers

You only have to open up your mouth to show

What you don't know

And you don't know

About women

A woman needs to be assured
That she remains alluring
To now and then be reassured
Your passion is enduring

Is not enough to know your line
To polish and routine it

And heaven knows I know your line
The whole routine, I've seen it

You gotta mean it

What you don't know about women

What you don't know about women
Is what we need to hear

You think if you can sound sincere
Then we'll be coming to you

Throw in some truth for atmosphere
But we can see right through you

And every hollow compliment and phrase defines

Or underlines

What you don't know about women

You think what I don't know will not hurt me
But you don't know how often you do
How long ago did good sense desert me
I don't know why I still burn for you

You're immature and shortsighted

You're an incurable player

You show a lack of discretion

You don't know jack about heartache

You're out of sync with your feelings

You only wink at commitment

You're running down on emotion

What you don't know about women´s
Only a drop of in the ocean
Next to what you don't know about me

You are in need of a little enlightening
On ladies and love but you can't see
What you don't know about women
Is frightening
And you don't know nothing about me

4-You Gotta Look Out For Yourself

Ya gotta look out for yourself
If you're hoping to be first
The ya better think "me first"
Or you're gonna be the last

Ya gotta look out for yourself
If you follow this format
You'll be nobody's doormat
It's a rule that's hard and fast

This world ain't pure
On that you can depend
You best be sure
That you're your own best friend

Ya gotta look out for yourself
If you're planning to do good
Then be sure it does you good
You don't wanna be too good
Ya gotta look out for yourself
Ya know the score when you adore yourself
When you're in danger you can count on me to shout
Look out for yourself

5-The Buddy System

I've got twelve nominations and half dozen Oscars
Nine cars and three ex-wives to show
That in this business of refuse and nephews I know
My stuff

You're a literary great
Who should have won a Pulitzer prize
I would never cannibalize
Or impair a single hair or phrase
Of your magazine opus

Still a lot of scribblers
Soon discover what they write for the screen
Isn't always right for the screen
So I intervene

I zipped through your book
And the characters jumped through life on the screen
Don't cling to the words to which you gave birth
Remember how many a picture is worth
The odds are a thousand to one so get used to it Stine
The book may be yours baby trust me the movie is mine

Ya learn from Von Sternberg
Ta grow from Von Stroheim
And so I'm the heir to their skill
This town has more nuts than Brazil
Let's face it I've been through DeMille

Authors unprepared to take
A stab at this collaborative art
Must suppress their egos and part
With the notion that in motion pictures
Words are carved in marble
Donna darling get this on a pad
And type it up for next week
I have an engagement to speak
At the Writer's Guild

You wouldn't want to upset Buddy
This is advice not a threat, buddy
But see how tough things can get, buddy
When things get rough it can get bloody
Baby nobody says no, buddy
So, buddy, you better concede
Let Buddy, be buddy
Pure Buddy
And he'll be your buddy
The buddy you need

6-With Every Breath I take

There's not a morning that I open up my eyes
And find I didn't dream of you
Without a warning, though it's never a surprise
Soon as I awake
Thoughts of you arise
With every breath I take

At any time
Or place
I close my eyes and see you face
And I'm
Embracing you
If only I believed that dreams come true

You were the one who said forever from the start
And I've been drifting since you've gone
Out on a lonely sea that only you can chart
I've been going on
Knowing that my heart will break
With every breath I take

7-The Tennis Song

You seem at home on the court

Let's say I've played around

Well, you don't look like the sort

My hidden talents abound
A competitor hasn't been found to defeat me

I'll bet you're a real good sport

Shall we say the ball is in your court

I bet you like to play rough

I like to work up a sweat

And you just can't get enough

I'm good for more than one set
But I promise I'll show no regret
If you beat me

My backhand is clearly my fort

Shall we say the ball is in your court

No one ever plays with me

I thought your next of kin did

My husband never plays with me
He's too easily winded

You leave me breathless too

Wait till our match is through

I may lack form and finesse
But I'll warm up in a jiff

It´s not exiting unless
The competition is stiff

I think I understand your racket
I'm not in your league

But you can hack it

This game commences with love

Well I think love is a bore

Let's give the tempo a shove

And raise the stakes a bit more

One thing I'm positive of
It's time for someone to score

Tell me how you like to play

On grass or clay
And every day

They're both ok

But time is running short
Darling let's not dilly dally

Ready for a rousing rally

Shall we say the ball is in your court

7-Ev'rybody's gotta be somewhere

Angel City 4 Quartet
On the loose and so elusive
You won't find her till you've checked
Ev'ry avenue
Like a diamond
In a coal mine
She's where you would least expect

Try to track her down
Go over the whole darn town
Go on a fishin'
Everybody's gotta be somewhere

Girls don't vanish in thin air
Everybody's gotta be somewhere
But where? Where? Where? Where?

Take a little looksee
Nose around
There's an underground crowd to scout
Use a little intuition if you wish
Your mission to pan out
Keep an open ear and
Trust your gut
Let the scuttlebutt cross your mind
If you're out of innuendo `round the bend
Are hits you've yet to find

Stay right on her trail

(This tomato is a hot potato)

This case is a "beaut"

(Dig deep and keep on digging)

She's the holy grail

She's needle in haystack heaven

You're in a hot pursuit

(You're warm and getting warmer)
Don't be so low keyed
Start following every lead
Don't put your feet up
Turn the heat up
Everybody's gotta be somewhere

Girls don't vanish in thin air
First ya gotta look left
Then ya gotta look right
Then ya better look high and low
Gotta run around town
Gotta play the old game
It's a little like tic tac toe

Where's that dame
Where's she gone to
She's a flame
That you're drawn to

Where I wonder am I gonna find this chick
It's quite a blunder to underestimate her
She's a stye in the eye of a private dick
She look familiar?

Porno Vendor
You don't know how many women I see each day
Beneath innumerable guys
Yours would be hard to forget I regret to say
She's one I never laid my eyes on

Where I wonder am I gonna find this chick
It's quite a blunder to underestimate her
She's a stye in the eye of a private dick
She look familiar?

Though I've never seen her
I've seen girls like these so young and ripe
Your missing miss is not the type
To miss a miss demeanor
Why-doncha Why-doncha Why-doncha
Let me choose a change of pace for broads like this
You came
To the right place

Where's that dame
Where's she gone

Two B Girls
You're quite a masterful detective
And it's your lucky day to stumble on us
(You'll find us a plus)
It hardly seems at random
You're wise to scrutinize us
We won't refuse
So take off your shoes
We'll search for cues in tandem

Try to track her down
Go over the whole town
Better hope `n both eyes open

Girls don't vanish in thin air
She's lying low you're flying blind but
Ev'rybody's gotta be somewhere
Ev'rybody's gotta be somewhere

8-Lost And Found
Mr. Detective you've been looking too hard
You should have started looking in your own back yard

Lost and found
Lost and found
You've earned your salary
Searching for Mallory
Wanna play lost and found
Well, then, here I am
On the lam
You've been assigned to find out where I've been
And now you've found me in your bed
And though my daddy said to turn me in
Why don't I turn you on instead

Teasing lips
Pleasing thighs
Easy on
Private eyes

If you're not celibate
We could raise hell a bit
Why don't you call my bluff
Don't resist
You won't know what you've missed
You'll never tame me
But you can claim me
At the lost and found

9-All You Have To Do Is Wait
There's no sun up in the sky
And the birds forgot to sing
But you're headed for a cell
Then to die and rot in hell
So it might as well be spring
I'll be singing like a bird
When the jury sets the date
And this capital event
Proves revenge is heaven sent
All ya have to do is wait

You're about to take that siesta
Stone but don't request a
Padre rest a
--Assured that I'll say mass
try a final meal of tacos on a
Plate of beans, mañana
Odds are gonna
Give you gas

They will strap you in a chair
And for once you'll be polite
You'll say gov'nor "pardon me"
But he's sure to disagree
Cause the case I've made is tight
It's the people versus Stone
And my money is on the state
Who says dreams do not come true
You will get what you are due
All ya have to do is wait

Time to fiesta
On the day you die I'll eat high on the hog
Santa Maria
I will go to town on the day you're put down like a dog
I'm leading an ovation
At your asphyxiation
As crowds line up to watch you pay your debts
I'll collect my bets
Playing castanets

As you're walking your last mile
I'll be overcome with pride
Taking pleasure in your death
And to know your final breath
Will be filled with cyanide
Though you've never been my fav'rite
In my native lingo
The end is close
As they seal the chamber door
Think of me who sealed your fate
Once the pellets hit the pail
From the instant you inhale
All you have to do is wait
Good things come to those who wait!

10-You're Nothing Without Me

You are some gumshoe
You just don't think well
Get this dumb gumshoe
You come from my inkwell

Is your mouth lonely
With one foot in there
Stone, your brain only
Holds thoughts I put in there

Just what you say I'll spell out
You are a novel pain
One speck of lint that fell out
The last time that I picked my brain

You are so jealous
Of my track record
Tolstoy, do tell us
Your feeble hack record

Your week knees brand you
Soft and unstable
One small threat and you
Fold like a card table
You drool at my adventures
Your broads in bed are bored
Go home and soak your dentures
Your pen is no match for my sword

You're nothing without me
A no one who'd go undefined
You wouldn't exist
You'd never be missed

I tell you you're out of my mind

A show off, a blowhard
You're equal parts hot air and gall
And no one would doubt me
Without me you're nothing at all

You're in my plot
I'm still your creator
I call each shot
I'm your private dic-tator

You are so thick, you
Eat, breath, sleep fiction
I'm your meal ticket
Knee-deep in cheap fiction

You gloating ignoramus
You haven't any shame

Hey, I'm a famous shamus
And most people don't know your name

You're nothing without me
Without me you'd just disappear
Right into thin air
And no one would care
Or notice you ever were here

A puppet, an upstart
A loser who's destined to fall
I'm everything you always wanted to be
Let's deal with the issue:
You wish you were me
You're nothing without me
Without me you're nothing at all

11-Stay With Me

Jimmy Powers and Quartet
I'm in a sentimental way
So stay with me
I'll ask the orchestra to play
Your fav'rite song

Thoughts that we would blush to say
Come easily in song
So why the rush to stay so long

There's no one calling you away
So stay with me
What say we whole away the day
And pay the price
For just this once
Let's not think twice

These stolen moments that we spend
Never have to end
Save them in your heart
I know they're sure to stay with me
Even after we must part

12-You Can Always Count On Me

I'm one of a long line of girls
Who choose the wrong guy to be sweet on
The girl with the face that say welcome
That men can wipe their feet on

I'm there when he calls me
The trusted Girl Friday alright
But what good does it to me
Alone on a Saturday night
If you need a gal
To go without sal'ry and work too hard
You can always count on me
The kind of a pal
Who'd sneak you a file past the prison guard
Loyal to the 10th degree
The boss is quite the ladies man
And that's my biggest gripe
Till I showed up he's never hired a girl cause he
Could type
I'm no femme fatal
But faithful and true as a Saint Bernard
Barking up the wrong damn tree
You can always count on me

I don't need a map
I naturally head for the dead end street
You can always count on me
I'm caught in a trap
When joy is approaching then I retreat
I'm at home with misery
I've been "the other woman" since my puberty began
I crashed the junior prom
And met the only married man
I'm always on tap
For romance or choc'late that's bitter sweet
You can always count on me

A matter of fact
If you want an ill-fated love affaire
You can always count on me
Though I've made a pact
To carry out research before I care
Men don't give a warranty

I go for the riff raff
Who's treating me so so
When I can play the second fiddle
I'm a virtuoso
I should be playing for a wedding band
But they're no wedding rings attached

One Joe who swore he's single
Got me sorta crocked, the beast
I woke up only slightly shocked that I defrocked
A priest
Or else I attract
The guys who are longing to do my hair
You can always count on me

Though my kind of dame
No doubt will die out like the dinosaurs
You can always count on me
I'm solely to blame
My head gives advice that my heart ignores
I'm my only enemy
I chose the guy who cannot introduce the girl he's with
They're lots of smirking motel clerks
Who call me Mrs. Smith
But I've made a name
With hotel detectives who break down doors
Guess who they expect to see
You can always count on
But a large amount on
You can always count on me

13-Alura's Theme

14-It Needs Work

No lack of alibis
Your knack for the spectacular is still intact
I like the tone of it
It rings sincere and pretty near succeeds
It's just the narrative
Is like a sieve and cloudy as a cataract
There's not a trace of honesty so face the fact
It needs…work

You dodge emotion, dear
Your logic's unconvincing as it strains to please
Unlike the books you write
This plot is quite contrived the way it reads
It's far too obvious
And filled with flaws and gross implausibilities
Excepting for the part about the broken keys
It needs work

Your fiction always had
A little grit in it
A little heart in it
A little wit in it
It used to be so clear
That there was art in it
If you had written it
So must you go and spit in it

And come to think of it
Your writing always mirrors our relationship
With dangers cropping up
And sweet young strangers popping up like weeds
So if you wish official pardoning
You'd better do a little gardening
Ya know ya needen't be so generous with your seeds
Your fertile lies don't fertilize
It needs work
We used to sit in bed and read each draft out loud
We'd play each part and talk the story through
Remember all we said and how we laughed out loud
Now take a closer look at you
I oughta throw the book at you

You had to ruin it
This plot has got a lot of déjà vu in it
And in this case we both know what that breeds
But call me anytime you seem yourself
When you've decided to redeem yourself
When you discover where this self deception leads
I'd rather see you shoot yourself
Than watch you prostitute yourself
Your new routine is too routine
It needs work

15-L.A. Blues

16-With Every Breath I Take-Duet

I try to tell myself
To let the memory of you die slow
Y letting time be my friend
By letting go of what was
The pain would end
It never does

At any time or place
I close my eyes and
See your face
and I'm embracing you
If only I believed
Come true
You were the one who said
Forever from the
And I've been drifting
Since you've gone

Out on a lonely sea that only
You can chart
I've been going on, knowing
That my

With every

At any time or place
I close my eyes
And see
Your face
I'm embrac-
ing you

I be-
lieved that
Night out loud I pray

Bobbi, go away

How much must I take
To end this ache
With every breath


Funny, how I failed to see this little bed time tale was
I could cry to think of all the irony I've missed
What an unusual twist
Right at the end of it

Who could see that this pathetic scene would be
So funny
Once you strain to find the grain of humor
Life double crosses with style
Forcing you into a smile
So it can kick you in the teeth

Just desserts
We can laugh till it hurts
At my expense
I'm accustomed to working on "spec"
I always pick up the check

I think it's funny
Who could top or make this cosmic op'ra more
You could weave in some deceit to even up the
You'd have us all on the floor
That would be roaringly funny
Sad enough my life's a joke that suffers in the telling
Just another hoary chestnut from the bottom drawer
I've heard so often before
That I can't laugh anymore

18-I'm Nothing Without you

Stine and Stone:
I'm nothing without you
Without you I lack what it takes
Unless we're combined
I have half a mind
To blow all my chances and breaks

Without you I'm bupkis
A flop who keeps dropping the ball
It's time to stop quaking
Start taking the lead
And you are the singular buddy I need
I'm nothing without you
Without you I'm nothing…

A Hollywood ending!

Stine, Stone and Gabby
I'm nothing without you

No hero

A zero

Stine and Zero
That's me

Stine, Stone and Gabby
With you by my side
There's no better guide
On how to be all I can be
I'm nowhere without you
To doubt you is where I went wrong
The script calls for fusing and using smarts
And greatness can come of the sum of our parts

From now on I'm with you
And with you is where I belong

19-Epilogue-Theme From City Of Angels

You only go around once
And then they luck you in with a spade
You're either under the gun
Or unafraid
Any fool with a stand in
Can sit back and survive
You better do your own stunts
Or spend a lifetime buried alive

You've only got one shot
Then you drop out of sight
There isn't one dry run
To whet your appetite
Get it right

We're on the edge of a cliff
Set up to take the ultimate fall
So have a last cigarette
And bet it all
As they're plowing you under
Don't start wondering why
Why not go out with some style
You made it to the last mile
Just pucker up sucker
And kiss the world goodbye

20-Double Talk Walk
I haven't made the transcription of what's being said on this track either.